TJ. BAKLA. Aquarian. Trustworthy. Extreme thinker. Contrary. Wicked. UNPREDICTABLE. Procrastinator. PINOY. CPA in the making.

Guitar. Piano. Basketball. KB24 | Lakers. DRose | Bulls. Tony Parker. Stephen Curry. Ricky Rubio. James Carlos Yap. Lin Dan. Mila Kunis

Eminem. MCR. Demi Lovato. Avril Lavigne. Girls' Generation. Boyce Avenue. Paramore. Hey Monday. Pink. The All-American Rejects. Parokya Ni Edgar. Simple Plan. Eraserheads. Silent Sanctuary. Jonas Brothers. Michelle Branch. John Vesely. Rivermaya. Vanessa Carlton. Zayn Malik.

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About Me

FIRST and foremost, this is MY BLOG. I made this to express how I feel at most times. Most of my posts are obviously all about me, my experiences and/or anything related to me.

TJ. I'm used to spell it Thijei, simply because I wanna be unique. :) That's the reason behind my url [iamthijei]. PS: Hindi ako JEJEMON.

PINOY. I'll post English entries bit by bit, but majority of my posts would still be in Tagalog.

Estudyante. I play the piano, I'm not that good though. I play better on guitar. BASKETBALL is my passion. I love PINK and GRAY.

Loves KB24 and the Lakers and DRose along with his Bulls squad. Admires Ricky Rubio, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry, Rajon Rondo. James Carlos Yap is my all-time idol. ❤ :) I also love sports like volleyball and badminton.

I like Kurt/Chris Colfer, how he protects and expresses his thoughts 'bout gay people. Yes, I'm gay. I'm a girl who loves a girl and no, I don't hate men.

Oh, I believe in God. Just God, noone else. I'm not into religion, but I was baptized as ... never mind. I still, of course, respect my religion. And hoping it will return the favor. For now, respect is all that matters, right? And that's what I'm trying to do.

I have a lot of tags in here, but I'm having a hard time fixing it because of the new way of customizing this. So, please bear with me.

Constructive criticism is welcome. NO BASHING please! #FactsAboutMe #MyLife #Gstuffs #Lfacts